Finish Line Gives Food to the Needy

In the US food is so abundant that we waste it. We even make food art! But there are people that lack basic necessities, including food.

preparing food for the needy

Photo: Packing food – Finish Line charity event of April 2015

Having been the Manager of a Finish Line store in Lubbock, TX for the last three years, I have been given plenty of opportunities to engage in humanitarian activities which aim to help people all around the world and make this planet a better place. All our charity events in the past led to one main watershed moment on the 1st of April, 2015 when all the managers of 600 stores of Finish Line company gathered together at Banker’s Life FieldHouse in Indianapolis to pack meals and provide hunger relief to the needy. Finish Line had partnered with Elevate- a non-profit organization that aims to enhance the living conditions of disadvantaged people- to help provide food to the hungry people in Indiana and Liberia.

Finish Line employees packing meals


Photo: Filling a bag of spaghetti

It was a remarkable moment for me to work side by side with all the other managers of our Company to do something so wonderful. We worked tediously for over hours and packed a total of 300,000 meals for the poor. Of course, my story would not be complete if I did not mention how much fun we all had while working with each other. We packed nutritious food that was packed with protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals so as to provide a wholesome meal to all. Macaroni and cheese-America’s staple diet- was included along with rice which would provide all the necessary elements that a human body needs to stay strong.

Every one was assigned a section to work at. My friends ended up with the responsibility of packing the rice and macaroni into plastic bags and sealing them, while my work was to attach sticky labels on top of the bags and boxes. There were a couple of minor accidents where someone ended up spilling rice or cheese on the floor. Despite that, we were all very efficient in our work, packing the meals in neat and organized manner. Some of the meals went straight to Midwest food Bank in Indianapolis, while the rest was sent to Liberia where thousands are starving because of the recent Ebola outbreak.

Over 800 employees had turned up for the incident, and we all smiled, laughed and worked without wasting food resources. I could tell just by handling the packets that the food was of top quality, and this did not come as a surprise because Finish Line and Elevate spared no expense to serve the best for folks who are facing troubled times. The packets were sealed in nicely so as to ensure that the food does not go bad.

This was really a great experience for us all as it opened our eyes to what is actually happening all over the world. Not only did we learn about the hardship of the people whom we served, but we also worked hard to do something amazing and meaningful for them. True charity is not just about giving money, but it is about providing time to help people who need it. On April 1st, about 800 people provided their time and efforts to make this world just a little bit happier. Shop Now With

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