The Adidas Thrasher – A Shoe Worth Buying

The Adidas Thrasher is a trail running shoe that provides comfort and stability. If you run in city terrain, it might not be the best choice but if you are a trail runner you will get value for money.

Running is just one of many ways to stay fit and healthy. However, if you do it wrong, your health will be in danger. Especially knee injuries are common among runners. Therefore, it is important that you run on the right ground, wearing accurate shoes.

The Adidas Performance Men’s Thrasher 1.1 M Trail Running Shoe is such a good option. Many athletes use it in order to avoid injuries and to have a comfortable feeling during their everyday exercise.

High-quality materials make a good running shoe

The shoe is available in different colors: Black, blue, grey, yellow, green orange and red. It is made of synthetic material in order to reduce sweating. The synthetic sole will increase comfort. The shoe has a breathable air mesh which guarantees good ventilation. That makes you sweat less and reduces the smell of your shoes after your exercise.

The shoe has an injected EVA midsole and a grippy adiwear outsole. Moreover, it has a nonslip footbed which reduces the danger of getting blisters.

The shoe is specifically designed for trail running

Many buyers appreciate the outsole. It gives extra safety when running rocky trails.. However, some runners complained that the material is slippery in city terrain. So if you plan on running on a normal street, a trail running shoe might not be the right choice for you.

Make sure you know where you want to run with this shoe before you buy it. The shoe is specifically designed for trail running, that’s why it has a durable Adiwear outsole.

In the internet, the shoe is available from $45 – $80 on Amazon, $65 if you buy it from Zappos, or Adidas. From my point of view this price range is acceptable for a high-quality running shoe. Compared to the more expensive Nike shoes, the Adidas Trasher 1.1 is good value for money.

The shoe is quite small so it makes sense to order it half a size or even one size bigger in order to make sure that it doesn’t hurt. However, this is typical for most Adidas shoes.

All together, the Addidas Trasher 1.1 is comfortable and provides stability and grip. That makes it perfect for running on the trails, because the danger of twisting your angle is reduced. It’s not the best shoe for the city, but if you plan to run trails it is a great choice.