Mandarin Orange Man – Creative Fruit Art

If you haven’t seen what a Mandarin Orange Man looks like, then it’s a food art made from a single piece of mandarin orange. The finished product looks like a man that is hugging a piece of mandarin orange in his chest and belly.

It really looks cool! And, it’s a great way of spicing up your plain mandarin oranges during the times you invite friends and/or relatives over for a get-together or party.

Mandarin Orange Man Instructional Overview

Doing your own Mandarin Orange Man is easy. However, this kind of tutorial is better illustrated with pictures or a video. However, we will cover the basic steps to give you an idea on how easy it is to do.

You will need a few pieces of toothpicks, a pen, a surgical knife (small cutting knife will also do) and a piece of mandarin orange.

  1. First, you will need to use a pen or pencil, to draw out a pattern. Draw the head, then proceed to the arm, then body and then the legs.
  2. Start cutting out the pattern with the surgical knife. Don’t rush this step.
  3. Start peeling the orange skin that is at the “outside” area of the man you just cut.
  4. Carefully Peel the head. Make sure you only peel the head part. Leave the arms unpeeled as it will give the illusion of arms hugging the orange.
  5. Carefully peel the legs.
  6. The head and legs part will have the tendency to return to its original unpeeled position. To solve this, insert a toothpick at the right places to make it appear that its upright man’s head. Do the same with the legs.
  7. Lastly, insert 3 toothpicks at the bottom of orange. Position the toothpicks so it will act like a tripod. This will make it appear as if the Mandarin Orange Man is standing on its own.

Food art is an exciting and beautiful form of artwork. Plus, you can eat your finished product. In this article, we gave you an instructional overview of how to do the Mandarin Orange Man. From the basic instructions above, you can see it’s easy and fun to do. So what are you waiting for? Get some Mandarin Oranges and start having fun!