Finish Line – Trendy Sports Clothes Online

(This article is contributed by Alex)

If you are tired of shopping in the world’s malls and shopping centers, you should consider buying your clothes in the internet. There are tons of online shops available and you have the biggest selection of clothes you can possibly find.

Finish Line is one of them. You will find a big selection of brands and styles in their online shop: Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok are just some examples. As you can see, the focus lies on sports clothes. Finish Line’s clothes are mostly sport footwear, that means the clothes are made for sports, but mostly worn for fashion or casual use.

The shop has great products, but the customer service is not as good as it should be. The internet is full of complaints about the company and that is also the reason why I didn’t buy anything in their shop so far. As so many people in the world, I mostly buy via amazon, simply because they have the biggest selection.

Finish Line has a wide variety of trendy t-shirts

However, the company has some really cool products. One item that caught my eye is the men’s Nike Run With The Wolves Shirt. It’s a Nike t-shirt with a wolf at its front side. You can either buy it in black color with a yellow wolf or you take the white version which displays a black wolf. The price is $35 and made of 100% cotton.

Mens Nike Run With The Wolves T-Shirt

Men’s Nike Run With The Wolves T-Shirt

Another shirt I like is the Men’s Jordan Jumpman Air Matte T-Shirt. You can get it in three different colors and it displays a basketball player at the front. It’s a good looking and trendy shirt which you can not only wear for sports but also to hang out in a bar.

Men's Jordan Jumpman Air Matte T-Shirt

Men’s Jordan Jumpman Air Matte T-Shirt

Hoodies, tanks, pants, shorts, the shop has all you need

Now you know that I like t-shirts. But what I like even more are Hoodies. They are functional and look good. Finish Line has a big selection of Hoodies.

There is for example the Men’s Under Armour Hard Work Big Logo Hoodie. You can choose from seven different colors. All of them show a huge UA logo at the front.

Mens Under Armour Hard Work Big Logo Hoodie

Men’s Under Armour Hard Work Big Logo Hoodie

I love Hoodies like that because they are relaxed and I can easily wear them after sports. The one I’m talking about is made from cotton and polyester and the best thing is: At the moment you can get it cheaper. The initial price of almost $60 was discounted to $34.99.

If you continue to look through the online shop, you won’t miss the Men’s Jordan All Season Retro 7 Compression Tights.

Mens Jordan All Season Retro 7 Compression Tights

Men’s Jordan All Season Retro 7 Compression Tights

These are dynamic tights which keep you warm while doing sports in the gym or outdoors. The color combination is a little weird, it will definitely draw attention. It is made by 84% polyester and 16% spandex plain jersey.

These are just four examples for trendy products you can get in the online shop of Finish Line. The shop is quite comprehensive and has much more to offer than clothes. Just take a look, maybe you find the best shirt you’ve ever seen.