Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Guys, I know … legalities are boring, but important. But to comply with the laws of the blogosphere, let me make this clear:

Disclaimer for EatzyBitzy

I do not guarantee that the information provided here is 100% accurate. While I do my best, it is your responsibility folks to carry out your own research to ensure that you have the facts.

  • I do not guarantee that any file downloaded from this website is free from any viruses, but I have done by best to scan all files and products.
  • Users of Eatzybitzy are not allowed to upload or post on my site any content that does not belong to them.
  • No user should prosecute or accuse Eatzybitzy or the owner (Kelly) for any reason related to the information provided here.
  • By using the website you agree that you are of the right age according to your country’s age restrictions of accessing online information.
  • You are using this website as is at your own will and risk and by accepting this disclaimer you agree that you are responsible in your decisions.
  • I do my best to provide my readers with updated information but it is their duty to verify from other sources that this information is correct and timely before they take any action that will affect their life.
  • This disclaimer applies to all users of Eatzybitzy.

Privacy Policy

This website strives to offer its visitors the best experience ever that Internet technology can provide. It strives to offer an interactive and personalized experience in providing information and reviewing popular athletic shoes and/or apparel.


By opting into this website and providing personal information implies that the customer will agree to the agreement of terms that are stated throughout this document. We will get information from the contact forms, comment forms and email subscriptions dialogue that may happen from the customer.

Uses of Information 

The use of information captured with each visit will be collected and stored to make each visit unique. This is performed to allow a more relevant visit to be given to the user. Third party advertising may appear as the customer visits any of our shoe pages to offer products that may be what they are looking for.

Information Protection 

We will never give information to any third party. We understand that the protection of information given to us on behalf of the client is confidential and important. The information that is given to us we place at the highest priority in safeguarding it from any other vendors. The information collected is used solely for enhancing the customers experience whenever they visit us.

Cookie Policy 

Internet technology requires that cookies are created on every website. Cookies are information captured within browsers from a user that visits a website. These cookies are established through the latest DART technology and allow the user to have complementary advertisements from affiliated websites with each visit.

Policy Changes 

As part of the user agreement through this Privacy policy, changes to any part of this privacy agreement can be done at any time.

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