Food, Running, and Athletic Shoes. The blog’s name reflects the 3 life passions of  blog founder Kelly. Each one has impacted her life in a unique way. Eatzy Bitzy is a blog about food (mainly food art), running, and shoes. Founded in 2015, the blog publishes food art garnishing techniques, and reviews of running shoes.

Hi, I’m Kelly, and when I was in my second year at college I developed a fetish with shoes and the great outdoors. But strangely enough, it all started with food. During University, I found a part time job in a Chinese restaurant. The owner was a great cook, and an artist. A food artist! He would garnish the dishes with an amazing food art.  I love Chinese food, especially when it looks so good, and as a first year college student I ate a ton. I did gain 15 pounds. This lead me to running. I owe this good habit to my friend Jenny, who would grab me to the park almost every day for a half hour jogging. What a blessing that was!

Since then, one of my favorite things I enjoyed doing was going for a morning run on the beach.  While I currently live in Lubbock, TX, I went to college in Daytona Beach, Florida. My favorite pair of tennis shoes I ever remember having were a pair of Nike Shox, the kind that tied and zipped closed, encasing the laces so they wouldn’t come untied. They add the perfect bounce to a morning run.

I still have my first pair of tennis shoes; I know that’s hard to believe, but I do. My mother was a hoarder, and I came across them when I was cleaning out her home after she passed.

I attended Daytona State College and graduated with a degree in English. I taught for a few years, met the love of my life, and became mother to three amazingly rambunctious boys.

Even though my life has become hectic over the past few years, I still find time to run. I especially love to bring my boys along and watch them race. Around Daytona Beach, we have several marathons to raise money for a variety of things; most of these events my boys can participate in as well. Not only is it a great way to spend time together as a family, it’s also a very healthy sport.

Many people enjoy walking and running, but have a problem picking the right shoes and attire. I created this blog in order to help my readers pick the best footwear and apparel from some of my favorite sites like FinishLine.com. Your feet are one of the most important aspects of your body and need to be well taken care of. You want to be comfortable, too. No jeans or button-up shirts; I especially forbid wearing underwire bras while exercising! From children to adults, I will share my thoughts with you on the perfect shoe and attire for the perfect sport. I can also give you advice on how to keep them in good shape and smell-free.

Tennis shoes aren’t the only types of shoes I have a fetish over. I love dressing up in heels when my husband and I have that once in a while date without the kids. I also love boots; let’s not forget the flip-flops, sandals,  and clogs either!

For me and my gang, we stick with New Balance and Nike. My husband prefers New Balance because they give great support and are very comfortable. My boys love Nike, mostly because of their cool colors, but I’ve never heard them complain of hurting feet while wearing them. I still stick to the Nike Shox; my oldest, Kurt, likes them the best, too. Have you ever noticed how funny kids can be when they get something new? Each time they get a new pair of shoes, they have to run to show me how fast their new footwear makes them go.

Well, enough about me. I hope you enjoy my site and visit often.

Sincerely, Kelly Smith